コンセプト :: 龍神の叫びと共に炎が舞い上がり、炎と共に華が咲き乱れる。
制作期間 :: 2008年制作 制作時間 3ヶ月
実寸サイズ :: F120号 (194.0×130.3cm)
素材/環境 :: 岩絵の具 水干絵具 墨 顔料  和紙 
コメント :: 第4回トリエンナーレ豊橋「星野眞吾賞展」入選作品(最終審査進出)

Concept : : A flame soars with a shout of Ryujin and a flower blooms all over with a flame.
The sight was stylized and drawn.
Work period :: 2008 work Work time Three-month.
Absolute size size : : F No. 120 (194.0x130.3 cm)
Material / environment : : Mineral colors, Silk-without-starching paints, Sumi paints, Japanese paper .
Comment : : 4th triennial Toyohashi "Shingo Hoshino prize exhibition" winning work article . (final review advance)
Art&craft exhibition 2009 "Eisuke Kurihara exhibition" exhibition work .
Eisuke Kurihara private exhibition "flame" exhibition work .

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