コンセプト :: 今まで真っ暗で何も見えなかった夜に少しずつ月の明かりが照らしていき、今まで見えなかった華や蕾が見えていく。
制作期間 :: 2007年制作 制作期間2ヶ月
実寸サイズ :: 90.9×233.4cm
素材/環境 :: アクリルガッシュ ポスターカラー 岩絵の具 水干絵具 顔彩 顔料 三彩紙
コメント :: トリエンナーレぐんたま(2007年)出品作品

Concept : : It is pitch-black until now and the flower and bud where the light of the moon did not appear until now in the light of the night where nothing was seen little by little appear.
Many which were useful until now and were without noticing.
Their talent, and a bud transposed their possibility to the flower and the bud, and drew it. [ who has the flower now ] [ who is not open yet ]
It is a work which their way of life and an old oneself way of life are made to consider from this. [ of の ]
Work period : : 2007 work Work period 2 month
absolute size size : : 90.9x233.4 cm
A material/environment : : Acrylics gouache Poster color Mineral colors Silk-without-starching paints 顔彩 Paints 3 彩紙
Comment :: Triennial ぐんたま (2007) exhibition work
Art&craft exhibition 2009 "Eisuke Kurihara exhibition" exhibition work

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